How atelier arpero came to life?

Our founder Pauline has always had her head in the art clouds. Her father, Pero Nikcevic, is an artist from Montenegro and she grew up by his side in Paris. Kindergarten wasn’t really a thing, instead she spent her childhood in her father’s atelier or a Parisian museum. 

As she grew older, she learnt that behind all that beauty was a world that wasn’t exactly glamorous. She saw her talented father struggle in facing competition, jealousy and the harsh reality of trying to ‘make it’. She went from gallery to gallery in Paris selling her dad’s art and time and again she faced the bitter taste of rejection. Not to mention a hard-to-please, snobby crowd — no thanks. 

Pauline got defeated and took some time off from the art scene. But she never stopped seeing her father’s potential and finesse. He dedicated his life to art, no side job, nothing. He’s a true artist — Pauline just needed to find a way for the world to see it. While in Marketing & Communication she followed her heart back home — to art. 

Pauline Biard created atelier arpero to unveil her father's artwork through curated collections of high-quality art prints.

That’s how atelier arpero came to life. It's a way for her to explore how she always believed the art world should be: open to everyone and not just for an elite crowd. By bringing her dad’s work online, she is allowing a larger public to see it but she also has a freedom to tell hers and dad's story how she wants to say it. Art shouldn’t be getting dusty in attics, it should be in people’s homes, where it can come to life.

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