Who is the artist Pero Nikcevic?

Our artist, Pero Nikcevic, is the father of Pauline. He is born in Montenegro in 1951. Known for his drawing skills and good at math, his parents wanted him to be an architect. But Pero decided otherwise when in 1966 he was forbidden by his father to go to Belgrade to visit an exhibition of Van Gogh. This year marked a turning point for the rest of Pero's life: he was swept up in a creative madness that still vibrates as much today.

Pero strengthened his technique by studying art at the School of Fine Arts in Belgrade and then in Paris. In 1977, he felt sufficiently armed to continue his artistic journey as an independent artist.

Pero Nikcevic
Becoming an artist in an already established setting was not an option for Pero. He traded art teacher roles and comfortable offers for a life on the margins of society. Working in an unsure environment was for him the only way to maintain this creative madness he got pulled into at the age of 16. A mindset that allows him to constantly create and explore different styles without ever falling into a routine.

After 55 years of work, his collection counts thousands of artworks in the form of drawings, ceramics, paintings - in small, medium and large formats. Many art pieces are already part of private collections or exposed in galleries/museum. 

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