The story

A father-daughter duo merging their talents together to make contemporary art more accessible... and more fun!

Pauline Biard and Pero Nikcevic, founders of atelier arpero

Pauline Biard created atelier arpero to unveil and celebrate the artwork of her father. He has been creating for the last 55 years and his work has been exposed in diverse places such as Parisian art galleries, Rolland Garros, le Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris and his work has been acquired by several art collectors all over the world.

But behind all this beauty, the truth is that the art world is tough! Pero is a talented artist who received several media coverage and he has been in contact with key persons within the art world but still... he can't live decently from his creation.

By creating atelier arpero, Pauline Biard wants to help her father showcase his work and tell his story. She grew up in an artistic world and has the chance herself to fill her house with art - which make her interior special. Next to supporting her dad, she created atelier arpero with the objective to give the chance to anyone to have art in their home.

She believes, art is a way to bring a soul in a house and make it more personal. This is how she ended up proposing to her dad to make high-quality prints from his work to help his work be more seen and to offer the public authentic art prints with a unique story behind it!

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