Bienvenue !

Pauline created atelier arpero to unveil and celebrate the art of her father, Pero, that he has been creating for the last 55 years. Here, it's not only about showing pretty stuff - we want to bring art back to life by encouraging you to take it home and let it flourish in your interior.

Our approach is to create curated collections of high-quality prints in limited edition, respecting the original artwork - when in your hands, the print feels like an original. Anyone acquiring an art print on atelier arpero is becoming very special to us - like a member of the family.

The talented father

Our artist Pero is the father of Pauline. He is born in Montenegro and studied art in Belgrade and Paris. At 16 years old, an unexpected event marked a turning point in his life...

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Pauline Biard created atelier arpero to unveil her father's artwork through curated collections of high-quality art prints.

The artsy daughter

Our founder Pauline is the daughter of Pero. She has always had her head in the art clouds. Today, she is turning her love for art into a business to help her father and open the art world to anyone.

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